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Best performance

With proper science-backed ingredients the best
in class performance of our product comes naturally.

Self-Leveling Surface

LEGEND Paint Protection Film top coat is formulated for long-lasting gloss retention. The minor scratches, and blemishes caused by normal wear such as car wash are seamlessly eliminated over time.

Hydrophobic Surface

With LEGEND Paint Protection Film installed, the vehicle’s surface will retain an attractive, smooth, high-gloss appearance for years to come, maintenance free.

Yellowing, Stain,
and Chemical Resistance

The careful formulation of our top coat allows vehicles to adopt a resistance to a wide variety of road-related contaminants, such as: tar, oil, and transmission, radiator and windshield fluids.

Longevity and

Scientists and engineers have collaborated to produce a product that withstands the harshest environments and retains visual properties and performance for years to come.

Attention to Detail

Our gallery includes a wide range of makes and models, from exotic sports cars to family SUVs.